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Basic4android 3.50

Basic4android is a comprehensive digital tool developed to aid you in your goal of creating Android applications. It’s a 100% Android IDE that requires no runtime libraries because its APK files are identical to those created with Java / Eclipse.

It displays a more than comprehensive interface that makes it all that much easier to use. It’s neat and well structured. The code editor, besides looking great also comes with an autocomplete feature that enables you to enter predefined commands. You also get tooltips that provide you with signatures and explanations, all of which help you to create a steady and efficient workflow.

To be able to use Basic4android you don’t need XML programming skills and its capabilities can be enhanced using custom Java libraries. While developing with this application you are offered the use of a rapid debugger that supports hot code swapping and quick deployment.

Basic4android also provides you with a visual designer that you can use to create the interface of your applications. It allows you to add views such as button, checkbox, edit text, label, list view, panel and many more. For all the elements you add, you can adjust their properties so they perfectly match what you need.

Since Android powered devices come with different screen sizes, the designed enables you to create multiple layouts that match various screens. To enhance this function and to add to Basic4android’s versatility, you can use a feature called ‘Designer Scripts’ developed to help you adjust layout details so they easily fit to different screens.

Needless to say, the application provides you with support for basic features such as GPS, Bluetooth, camera, animations, multitouch gestures, video and audio playback, networking, sensors, files and many more.

With the above to take into consideration and a lot more to discover, Basic4android is clearly a powerful tool that can help you develop great Android applications.

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